Preparation, Negotiation and Review of Agreements with Lenders on Refinancing Transactions

Most businesses will need to take on financing at some point, whether that means a capital infusion to satisfy short-term financial needs or a solid source for long-term development. Business owners need to be sure they’re considering every angle in order to make the most beneficial decisions when working with a lender. Consulting with a legal professional who’s well-versed in business law ensures that necessary documents are in order. The DeBaltzo Law Firm can effectively prepare agreements and help you to smoothly navigate complex issues, like negotiating with lenders during the refinancing process.

What is Involved When Preparing, Negotiating, and Reviewing Refinancing Agreements?

A business owner needs to be sure that refinancing is their best option. There are definite advantages and disadvantages, and a seasoned negotiator can help you to make the best decisions in this regard. Whether you opt for equity financing or instead choose to refinance through traditional lending institutions, reliable advice is the key to success. Cleveland business attorney, Nicholas DeBaltzo, Jr. has spent his career translating the sometimes complex world of Ohio corporate and contract law for clients, and is happy to ensure that your business is in compliance with all relevant corporate formalities during your renegotiation process.

The team at DeBaltzo Law Firm will ensure that your refinancing agreement accomplishes the following:

  • Clearly lays out the terms that the lender and borrower are agreeing to and any applicable penalties or fees
  • Reorganize financial obligations at lower interest rates
  • Work to achieve a company’s goal, from improving overall financial position and reducing monthly expenditures to limiting risk, improving operational flexibility, or creating ready access to capital

For companies that are struggling under the weight of debt, refinancing can allow them to recoup some much needed capital through credit score improvement, more favorable contract terms, and lower interest rates. A business owner can express what they need a refinancing agreement to accomplish, and the team at DeBaltzo can ensure that the agreement’s language represents the business’s interests and mitigates liability while being rendered in proper legal terms.

When to Look Into Refinancing Agreements

Business owners may wonder about refinancing loans, with questions ranging from the best time to tackle refinancing to the best method or if it’s even a viable option. A business attorney can help.

Here are just a few factors that could make refinancing a business loan a beneficial option:

  • An improvement in credit score, increase in revenue, or substantial business anniversary
  • Upcoming change in ownership structure
  • Acquisition or asset sales
  • Rapid growth or financial setback
  • Previous loan was expensive and short-term
  • Lower available financing rates

There can be significant costs built into the refinancing process, but refinancing debt can put a company in a stronger position, both operationally and financially. Regardless of your reason for pursuing refinancing, working with a legal professional who understands the business world can ensure that your renegotiation is a positive, well-managed move.

DeBaltzo Law Firm Streamlines Refinancing Agreements

Business landscapes are varied––what works for one may not be the best course for another. DeBaltzo Law Firm wants clients to have full understanding and insight before entering into any business-related financial dealings. Mr. DeBaltzo is a top Cleveland business attorney and along with his skilled team he is dedicated to helping clients effectively navigate refinancing agreements. He is prepared to negotiate, draft, and review agreements, making sure that clients are kept informed and involved.

Up-and-down financial fluctuations are part and parcel of running a modern business. If it’s time to rethink previous decisions, the DeBaltzo team wants to help you put your best foot forward. Having a legal expert on your team can give you both assurance of your business interests and an invaluable peace of mind. Reach out to learn how we can be your advocate.

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