The Annual Business Check-Up:
A Legal "Physical" For Your Business

The DeBaltzo Law Firm conducts Annual Legal Business Check-Ups

Every year millions of people go to their doctor for an annual check-up. Whether to detect disease at an early stage, or evaluate health, or address overall well-being, most view the annual trip as a wise decision that is just a part of life. However, when it comes to a business's legal well-being, only a handful will take the same approach, getting a check up from an expert business attorney, even though a business has similar well-being considerations to think about. Too many companies wait until an issue arises (death of a partner, lawsuit, termination or resignation of a key employee, breach of contract, or a host of other administrative or regulatory problems which can arise), before contacting a business attorney. As a result, many businesses and their owners, are forced to react on a case-by-case basis to problems which could have been proactively addressed, planned for, minimized and/or completely avoided. That is why every business (no matter the size) needs an annual business check-up.

The Annual Legal Check-up is designed to be a holistic analysis of the organization's legal well-being and compliance with current corporate laws, rules, regulations, and sound business practices. The Annual Business Legal Check-Up should review and consider the following:

The Annual Business Check-Up is an essential tool in promoting good health and sustainability of your businesses. Just like your annual physical, the Annual Business Check-Up can identify problems before they arise and afford your business the opportunity to minimize or eliminate greater risk at a cost far less than having to react to a problem after it arises, such as tying down key employees before they leave, take other employees, clients and intellectual property from the business.

At the conclusion of the Annual Business Check-Up, you will receive a detailed report of my findings, complete with specific examples of areas for improvement, along with recommendations and suggested modifications to your agreements.

If you would like an Annual Business Check-Up for your business or wish to discuss additional ways the Annual Business Check-Up can benefit your organization, please contact us today!

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