Business Counseling

When business expansion or first-time business ownership is on the table, there are countless factors to consider. The situation could seem overwhelming, and it could be hard to know the best course of action. At this point in the process, hiring the right business counselor can offer important returns –– Cleveland business attorney, Nicholas DeBaltzo, Jr. and his team are prepared to offer valuable advice for each and every client.

What Is Legal Business Counseling?

Business counseling is professional and legal advice that’s typically offered to startups, business owners looking to grow opportunities, and other entrepreneurs. It is meant to meet both day-to-day and long-term needs of small and developing businesses, and even well-established companies.

Here at the DeBaltzo Law Firm we will analyze a company’s proposed structure and operation to pinpoint issues and find areas that can benefit from improvement. Findings are then presented to our client along with recommended ways to implement the suggestions. Depending on the situation and contract, we may also negotiate on behalf of our client. The types of services available can range, but given our legal focus, DeBaltzo Law Firm generally offers business counseling in the following areas, among others:

  • Initial organization and formation (corporation, LLC, LLP, partnerships, etc.)
  • Obtaining MWBE or other certifications
  • Capital structure and equity issuances
  • Employment contracts and restrictive covenant agreements (non-compete, non-disclosure, etc.)
  • Intellectual property matters (i.e. trademark and copyright infringement, and trade secrets)
  • Drafting shareholder and operating agreements
  • Internal policy and procedure drafting, implementation and execution
  • Commercial contract drafting, implementation and execution
  • Negotiating master service agreements in various industries
  • Executive compensation packages
  • Manufacturing, distribution, licensing, and franchising agreements
  • Vendor deals and agreements
  • Litigation, arbitration, and mediation of business disputes
  • Purchase, lease, and distributor agreements
  • Advising on securities, real estate, and environmental issues
  • Tax, estate, and business succession planning
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • State and federal government contracting and procurement
  • Asset protection and risk management

The DeBaltzo Law team is happy to make one-on-one consultations available to businesses of all sorts to help streamline operations. Rest assured that we always exercise proper due diligence and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

When Is Business Counseling Necessary?

Every experienced business person has their unique perspective and specialties. But the legal consequences of a business action might not rank among their areas of expertise. That’s why connecting with a seasoned legal expert is crucial when starting, growing, or otherwise altering a business. Reliable legal counsel can help protect business and legal interests, make well-informed business decisions, and avoid unnecessary problems.

From advice on strategy, planning, and problem-solving, to designing a business model or creating a marketing plan, there are always legal matters to take into consideration. Relying on a legal expert allows business owners to follow their passion project without getting bogged down in the details, or operating without necessary protections in place.

Here at the DeBaltzo Law Firm, we are only out for our clients’ best interests. So, while we are duty-bound to illuminate potential legal downsides to any business venture, we will always temper our advice with tact and understanding.

Debaltzo Law Firm and Business Counseling

You want to be sure you have firm footing before taking on a new business endeavor, but there are countless factors at play, and no two companies or owners are the same. DeBaltzo Law Firm is happy to help you make the most of your unique small business or startup timeline while also working to make sure that you’re on track for future success.

A thorough investigation will help you to look objectively at your business goals and find areas to fine tune. With DeBaltzo Law Firm as your business counselor, you can be sure of our thoroughness and efficiency. If you are thinking about starting a business, have just launched, or have an existing business but need additional information or advice, feel free to get in touch to inquire how our Cleveland business attorneys can help.

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